Site Management - Boost Profits, Reduce Risk.

There is much more to it than bringing in a bobcat to clean up the mess. Continue reading to gain a new perspective on site cleans and discover the huge benefits of maintaining a clean and safer workplace.

The Siteman system is specifically developed to strategically maintain residential building sites to a high standard of safety and environmental compliance.

Site Maintenance includes:

  • Removing building waste at strategic intervals to maintain a clean, safe and positive workplace

  • Installing and maintaining environmental controls such as all weather access and sediment control

  • On site material handling and storage to facilitate the repurposing of excess material in other areas of the project or on other projects

  • Reducing material damage, theft and wastage.

  • Material collection, offsite storage, re-allocation and delivery to your other projects

  • Improving safety by removing slip, trip and fall hazards

  • Maintaining clear access to and around the site

Site Maintenance creates a positive site culture where builders earn respect and trades take responsibility for their own safety, cleanliness and pride in their work.

The meaning of our Mantra - "Build Cleaner, Safer, Smarter".


Build with environmental concern and site ergonomics in mind.

Maintain a clean and clear site, free of loose rubbish and provide a waste bin within walking distance from the project.

Provide a clear, stabilised access driveway into the site free of mud and puddles

Take a greener approach by neatly storing material on site for future use

When trades arrive at a well maintained site with easy access to unload tools and materials their morale is boosted resulting in higher productivity, respect and quality.


By maintaining a clean site, trades and personnel are able to carry out their work in a safer environment clear of slip, trip and fall hazards. Material deliveries can be carried out safely. Bulky goods deliveries such as kitchens, and PC Items can be delivered with clear access to the home minimising potential injuries to people or damage to goods. Messy sites are a magnet for thieves and vandals.


When building Cleaner and Safer, we are now building Smarter.

Reduce the amount of wasted, stolen or damaged material by implementing safer on site material handling and storage techniques. When working in a clean and safe environment, trades have more respect for the site and the builder as they are able to work more efficiently and finish their work to a higher standard, reducing callbacks and wasted time. When a site is maintained regularly and kept in good shape, trades are more likely to adapt to cleaner and safer work practices to avoid being singled out as the one person who trashes the site.

To build smarter means

  • Maximising the use of purchased materials by minimising waste, damage and theft.

  • Re-allocating surplus material to other projects

  • Reducing the likelihood of an accident or injury occurring on site.

  • Gaining respect from trades, suppliers, councils and the public by providing a clean and safe workplace

  • Maintaining a clean, professional image to trades, suppliers and of course future clients.

  • Realising that your sites are your billboards! Potential clients believe that if you don’t have pride in your sites, how could you have pride in their new home?

To discuss in further detail, Please call the SiteManagement team on 0423 908 021.